YOUTH VOICE: Translating Knowledge into Action—The Politics Awareness Club (PAC)

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A new club has formed within the Albury-Wodonga campus of La Trobe University. A group of students studying politics in first year have come together to create a group where political issues can be raised, discussed and debated. The group has been named Politics Awareness Club (PAC) and one of the many aims of the club is to raise awareness of political issues and participation in the electoral process. A main issue already raised in the group is the lack of political awareness among young people.  In a recent blog, PAC member Jessica Love offers a possible reason why this is the case, mainly that there is little available information on voting and political parties. This group is an opportunity for young people to gather a greater understanding of politics and policies on an international, national and local scale.

Inaugural members of the Politics Awareness Club: (L-R) Lisa Tuck, Jessica Love, Martin Dickens, Chura Sapkota & Sophie Buckle.

The group will meet on Thursday afternoons, dividing the meeting into three separate parts. The first will focus on International and national issues, policies and governments.  The second will focus on local issues and the local government. The third and final part will focus on the university and issues relating to students. Members will get the opportunity to discuss issues that are important to them, look at different perspectives on political issues and have their say.

The group hope to have numerous opportunities to host guest speakers from local government and surrounding areas. This will give members an opportunity to meet and ask questions regarding issues that are important to them. Another focus of the group is cultural diversity and actively involving political debate from countries all over the world. This as an added bonus will also include lots of different and foreign food from all over the world.

The group is open to students that have an interest in learning more about the world we live in, the future of Australia and having their say.

Sophie Buckle is a 1st year Bachelor of Arts student at La Trobe University, Albury-Wodonga Campus and inaugural member of the Politics Awareness Club.



The Politics Awareness Club (PAC) is an exiting new development on campus for students at La Trobe Albury-Wodonga.  PAC will provide students with an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through debate, action and engagement with the community.  In the process, student members will acquire a number of professional skills—policy interpretation, letter writing, interview techniques, negotiation skills—that are attributes much sought in graduates on the job market.  As a Faculty member at La Trobe University, I heartily endorse PAC and congratulate the initiative of the students who have put this club together.


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