Eye on the Media: Interesting Stories from the Past Week — 11th March 2011

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This is the first instalment of a weekly feature called Eye on the Media, featuring five articles, interviews, podcasts or video from across the net on a broad range of interesting topics in the realm of politics and international relations.

What’s the rationale for Eye on the Media?  Critical reading of a diverse range of sources is key to learning about the wider world, developing a more well-rounded worldview, thinking creatively and strategically about one’s place in society, understanding and acting on complex problems, and being an engaged and responsible democratic citizen.  In the age of consequences, these attributes have never been more important.


Here is this week’s selection…


ABC Radio Australia News, ‘World marks centenary of International Women’s Day’

Richard Heinberg, David Fridley, David Hughes, Tom Whipple and Colin J. Campbell, ‘6 energy experts address the economic impact of Middle East unrest’, Energy Bulletin.

Immanuel Wallerstein, ‘Structural Crisis in the World-System: Where Do We Go from Here?’, Monthly Review.


Elisabeth Rosenthal, ‘Cost of coffee soars as climate warms’, New York Times.

Seamus Milne, ‘The fallout from the crash of 2008 has only just begun’, The Guardian.




If you would like to recommend a source for inclusion in Eye on the Media, please email the URL to Our Voice: Politics Albury-Wodonga editor Dr Ben Habib at b.habib@latrobe.edu.au.


The views experessed in the linked sources do not necessarily reflect the views of Our Voice: Politics Albury-Wodonga.

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