Eye on the Media: Interesting Articles This Week — 19th March 2011

Posted on March 22, 2011 by

We don’t have to agree with these articles, we need only think critically about the issues they raise…


Peter Hayes, David von Hippel, Richard Tanter, Takase Kae, Jungmin Kang, Wen Bo, Gordon Thompson, Yi Kiho, Arabella Imhoff, Scott Bruce and Joan Diamond

‘After the Deluge: Short and Medium-term Impacts of the Reactor Damage Caused by the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami’

Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability



Antony Green

‘2011 NSW election preview – analysis of past voting patterns by electorate’

Australian Policy Online


Jennifer Renda, Suzanne Vassallo, Ben Edwards

‘Bullying in early adolescence and its association with anti-social behaviour, criminality and violence 6 and 10 years later’

Australian Policy Online


Fatih Birol & Sir Nicholas Stern

‘Urgent steps to stop the climate door closing’

Financial Times


Paul Barry

‘Don’t sell KFC, MacGill tells his cricketing mates’