EVENT REVIEW: Australian Youth Climate Coalition Albury-Wodonga Trivia Night

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The Australian Youth Climate coalition’s (AYCC) ‘Repower’ campaign aims to lobby the Federal Government to invest one hundred percent of the 10 billion dollar offset from the carbon tax into renewable energy sources. Along with this, the AYCC recognises the need for small-scale local action and it is for this reason that branches across Australia are holding a series of events to raise funds in order to improve the sustainability of a local business. The Albury – Wodonga branch will be assisting the Albury St Vincent De Paul’s store in becoming more sustainable and energy efficient.

Attendees enjoying the trivia contest.

On Wednesday the 2nd of May the Albury – Wodonga AYCC held its first ‘Repower’ event at La Trobe University Albury – Wodonga. This also happened to be the first ‘Repower’ event to be held by a regional AYCC group in Australia. The night included Trivia and a Keynote speech from Lecturer in Politics and International Relations Dr Ben Habib regarding the implications of anthropogenic climate change. The evening proved to be a great success for the AYCC Albury – Wodonga branch.

At the start of the event Dr Habib gave a concise overview of his personal reasons for getting involved in the area of climate change. This was followed by an engaging discussion regarding issues such as the Carbon Tax that will come in to force on the 1st of July, as well as the difficulties faced in formulating international agreements on climate change. Other points of discussion included the apparent ‘brain drain’ in regional areas as well as relevant transnational issues such as peak oil, the global financial crisis and how these issues impact upon international climate negotiations. Following the discussion, an environmentally themed trivia session was held involving questions focused around history, politics, the environment and geography.

On the whole, the feedback and discussion generated during the event was overwhelmingly positive. Debate was mostly centred on the Carbon Tax with a few participants raising concern regarding the cost of living that will be incurred by the new policy initiative. Despite this, it is my opinion that the Carbon Tax is the first of many steps that should be undertaken in order to create a more sustainable and just future. In regards to the effectiveness of the Carbon Tax, judgement should be reserved until the policy comes into effect and when we start to see some of its outcomes.

In all, Albury – Wodonga AYCC’s first ‘Repower’ event provided a fantastic opportunity for youth to participate and engage in issues surrounding climate change. Such occasions have been rare in a conservative electorate which broadly characterises climate apathy if not outright scepticism. Therefore, it was great to see the high level of engagement regarding climate change and environmental issues that was generated by youth at this event.


Lisa Tuck is a third year Bachelor of Arts (Humanities and Social Sciences) student who is concerned about international relations as well as local political issues.  She is currently a member of the student-run People’s Action Club (PAC) at La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga campus, is a founding member of the Albury-Wodonga chapter of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), and is a regular contributor to Our Voice: Albury Wodonga.  Lisa is passionate about climate change politics and holds a particular interest in policy matters in the field of education.

The views in this story are those of the author and not necessarily those of Our Voice: Politics Albury-Wodonga.