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PODCAST: Interview with Anna Rose — ‘Madlands: A Journey to Change the Mind of a Climate Sceptic’

June 14, 2012 by


BY LISA TUCK. In this interview, I speak with Anna Rose, co-founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, star of the ABC TV documentary 'I Can Change Your Mind About...Climate' and author of 'Madlands: A Journey to Change the Mind of a Climate Sceptic'. In the interview, Anna and I talk about her experiences with former Liberal senator Nick Minchin in the production of I Can Change Your Mind About...Climate, what she learnt from making the documentary and writing Madlands about the nature of climate scepticism, her response to intellectual and social conservatism in the climate debate, and the crucial role of young people in the climate movement.

EVENT REVIEW: Rally at Wodonga TAFE

May 30, 2012 by

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BY BEN HABIB. Staff and students from La Trobe University attended yesterday's rally (Tuesday 29th June 2012) in support of our colleagues at Wodonga TAFE, in protest over the Baillieu government's drastic thirty percent funding cut to Victorian TAFE institutions.

EVENT REVIEW: Australian Youth Climate Coalition Albury-Wodonga Trivia Night

May 16, 2012 by

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BY LISA TUCK. On Wednesday the 2nd of May the Albury – Wodonga AYCC held its first ‘Repower’ event at La Trobe University Albury – Wodonga. This also happened to be the first ‘Repower’ event to be held by a regional AYCC group in Australia. The night included Trivia and a Keynote speech from Lecturer in Politics and International Relations Dr Ben Habib regarding the implications of anthropogenic climate change. The evening proved to be a great success for the AYCC Albury – Wodonga branch.

EVENT REVIEW: La Trobe University — Wodonga Senior Secondary College Refugee Workshop

May 16, 2012 by

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BY BEN HABIB. On Friday 11th May 2012, year 10 students from Wodonga Senior Secondary College participated in workshops at La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga campus and excursions to the Bonegilla Migrant Experience as a component of thier studies into refugees and asylum seekers. The introductory remarks of the expert panelists and the panel discussion itself are available here for download.

EVENT REVIEW: Wodonga Carnivale

March 15, 2012 by


BY BEN HABIB. Carnivale is by far my favourite annual community event in Wodonga. The economic benefits of Carnivale are great for the town, but there are intangible benefits that are far more important.

Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party: Presentation to Victory Lutheran College VCE History Class

March 2, 2012 by


BY BEN HABIB. On Thursday March 1st, 2012, braving torrential rain, Victory Lutheran College VCE history students, led by their teacher Logan Hayward came to La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga campus for a workshop presented by myself on Mao Zedong and the Communist Party. The workshop was a supplement to the students' VCE History studies on the Chinese revolution.

EVENT REVIEW: Border History Teachers Network dinner forum – Keynote address by Dr Bruce Pennay

November 15, 2011 by


BY LISA TUCK & MARTIN DICKENS. The Border History Teachers’ Network successfully hosted its’ third Dinner Forum on Friday 11th November 2011. The keynote address entitled Taking in Strangers: The Reception of Post-War Immigrants was delivered by Dr Bruce Pennay from Charles Sturt University. Dr Pennay concludes that Bonegilla deserves recognition as a location of national and international significance.

PODCAST: A Window into Contemporary Indian Society

September 30, 2011 by


Politics students at La Trobe University participated in a workshop on key issues in contemporary Indian society with Dr Peter Friedlander from La Trobe University in Melbourne, who discussed regional identity in India, and Simmi Kaur from Wodonga Senior Secondary College, who talked about changes in modern Indian society.

Wodonga Senior Secondary College and Latrobe University: Social Movements Day

September 20, 2011 by


WSSC teachers Simon Webb and Simmi Kaur teamed up with Ben Habib from La Trobe University to present ‘Social Movements Day’ at the La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga campus. The WSSC students’ multimedia presentations on twentieth century social movements were screened in the main lecture theatre, followed by a university-style tutorial class where WSSC students participated in a series of activities in small groups led by undergraduate LTU students from the Bachelor of Arts program. The activities were based on the themes of life at university, different types of thinking skills, and reflection on twentieth century social movements.

Conference Paper: Climate Change & International Relations Theory

August 23, 2011 by


BY BEN HABIB. Paper presented at the World International Studies Committee Third Global International Studies Conference, 17th – 20th August 2011, University of Porto, Portugal. This paper paper and presentation explore the broader relationship between climate change and international relations theory.  A general assumption holds that the anarchic international system of competing sovereign states who […]

EVENT REVIEW: ‘Long Conversations’ Climate Knowledge Exchange in Beechworth

June 2, 2011 by


BY DAVID MACILWAIN. 'Long Conversations: Climate Knowledge Exchange', T31st May, 2011, The Gallery, Beechworth Secondary College. 'Long Conversations' hopes to make leading climate science and climate scientists more accessible, and to engage with the community’s goals and climate knowledge, with the aim of working together to build a shared climate future.

EVENT REVIEW: Border History Teachers’ Network Dinner Forum

May 30, 2011 by


Border History Teachers Network Dinner Forum with keynote speaker Dr Ben Habib, on 'The North Korea Story: Confucius, Communism and the Bomb'. Includes mp3 audio of the presentation, photos from the evening and an event review by Martin Dickens.

EVENT REVIEW: When Q&A Came to Albury-Wodonga

May 5, 2011 by

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BY BEN HABIB, with MARTIN DICKENS, LISA TUCK, LEA MACLAUGHLIN, KRYSTLE BROWN, JESSICA LOVE & ALICIA PETERS. Like everyone else in attendance, I was caught up in the excitement of being part of the spectacle of a live television broadcast. Over 700 people attended the show, the largest ever audience for Q&A. While prepping the audience before the show, Tony Jones described Q&A as an “open democracy experiment” that was “rare in the world”. Or was it?

EVENT REVIEW: 2010 Victorian Election — Benambra Candidates Forum

November 23, 2010 by


BY BEN HABIB. This event represented an exiting first for Wodonga, with the Border Mail, ABC Goulburn Murray and La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga joining forces to host a candidates forum for the Victorian state seat of Benambra, in the lead-up to Saturday’s state election. The discussion covered a lot of ground, on the back of some excellent questions from the audience and the panel.

EVENT REVIEW: Tim Flannery Lecture—“Here on Earth”

October 18, 2010 by


BY BEN HABIB. 2010 Jonathan Mann Memorial Lecture, presented by Professor Tim Flannery: "Here on Earth". La Trobe University, Albury-Wodonga campus, Thursday 14th October, 2010.

EVENT REVIEW: David Pannell lecture—“Lost causes and big opportunities: Reforming environmental policy”

September 24, 2010 by

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BY BEN HABIB. La Trobe University, Faculty of Law & Management—Dean’s Lecture. Dr David Pannell. "Lost causes and big opportunities: Reforming environmental policy" Thursday 16 September, 2010.

PODCAST: ‘Bike the Earth’…An inspirational journey for a sustainable planet

August 2, 2010 by

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You’re in for a treat here.  Our Voice: Politics Albury-Wodonga caught up with Chris Le Breton and Roland Smith, who have just set off on an epic cycling journey called Bike the Earth to draw attention to new ideas and solutions for creating a sustainable society.  Chris and Roland discuss their goals for the trip, […]

EVENT REVIEW: Nationals Senator Fiona Nash (NSW), Albury Visit (30 June 2010)

July 21, 2010 by


BY MARTIN DICKENS. A Voice for Regional Voters Recently on the border, Albury citizens were afforded the opportunity to discuss topical political issues with National Party Senator Fiona Nash. Arriving in QEII square on the 30 June 2010, Senator Nash was greeted by a selection of politically engaged supporters to voice their opinion to a […]

YOUR SAY: Replace Hazlewood

July 19, 2010 by


BY LIZETTE SALMON. As someone who is deeply concerned about climate change it seems extraordinary to me that our state and federal politicians are doing so little to reduce Australia’s growing greenhouse emissions. There are many actions they could take to cut our emissions but one particularly symbolic action would be to commit to replacing […]