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Women in Modern China

June 19, 2012 by

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BY JESS MARSHALL. In recent history, China and its people have undergone a remarkable change in identity. Undeniably, the role of women has been an area of rapid change and development, with women playing an integral role in the shaping of modern China. From the physical oppression of foot binding in a patriarchal world, to gendered sameness in a communist state, to the modern rhetoric of equality of the sexes, Chinese women have instigated and experienced rebellion, revolution and reform.

Charles de Gaulle and the French Republic During the Cold War

June 2, 2012 by


BY JESS MARSHALL. With numerous streets, an airport, and France’s only airline named after him, Charles de Gaulle was a man of immense historical and political significance, and occupies an almost mythical status in French consciousness. Rejecting the notion of bipolarity in the Cold War period, de Gaulle advocated the national independence and strength of France as the Western Alliance’s major ally, and pursued foreign policy based on politique de grandeur. De Gaulle’s concept of France “as dedicated to an exalted and exceptional destiny” has its roots in his background, and directly impacted the development of French foreign policy during the Cold War.