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YOUR SAY: A Call to Uphold the Ban on Alpine Grazing in Victoria

December 19, 2010 by


BY KEITH BOXER. It seems to me that one of the great myth’s about alpine grazing is that it reduces alpine blazing. Many vehicles in the state carry this bumper sticker announcing the drivers support for alpine grazing. However, I worked in Victoria’s alpine area before and after the fires of 2003 and saw firsthand that this implied “fact” is simply untrue

YOUR SAY: Afghanistan — An abhorrent legacy of the Howard/Bush/Blair years

October 12, 2010 by


BY KEITH BOXER. I now look on the folly of Australia being involved in both Iraq and Afghanistan and think to myself; have our Governments learnt nothing from history? The Vietnam War was a total waste of valuable Australian life and Australian capital that would have been better spent on foreign aid or community infrastructure in Australia.

YOUR SAY: Plea for Bilateral Action on Climate Change by Parliament

October 5, 2010 by


BY KEITH BOXER. A carbon price is inevitable and an essential part of any wide ranging program to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. The Coalition, by locking itself out of the government’s climate change committee, and not accepting that a carbon price is inevitable, will continue to be seen as the wrecker of a required bipartisan approach to reducing carbon emissions in Australia. Australia has the knowledge, skills and financial capacity to lead the world in renewable energy research and implementation.